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- Details about the VLC Player
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VLC.de Media Player - Information


About the VLC.de Player

Everyone has experienced this problem: you want to play something and a message pops up in the Media Player you are using, saying "Playback not possible.
The file format is not supported. This is not only annoying, but also time-consuming. You now have to battle with multiple programs on offer to get the same message in many players time and again: the file cannot be played because the file format is not supported. But the solution can be so simple with the VLC Media Player.

The VLC.de Media Player is one of the most popular portable players, and rightly so. Firstly, VLC.de Media Player is free, and, secondly, it offers very high compatibility compared to countless
formats and codecs. VLC.de Media Player is known for being able to play everything: MP3s, DVDs, Video CDs, MPEGs, DivX, AVI, Audio CDs, WMV, MOV, FLV Flash. Audio files in WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC can also be played. Not only individual users are fans of this player. It is also used in schools, universities, and even by professionals.

Conclusion: VLC.de Media Player is an all-rounder that you absolutely need to have in 32 and 64 bit.

VLC.de Player in detail

What is particularly interesting is that the VLC Player is not only able to play complete files, but files that are still being downloaded can already be viewed ahead of time. This is enabled by the supported MPEG and DivX streaming, so the VLC Player allows you to check ahead of time whether a download is really worth it. VLC.de Media Player runs without problems on many operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, BeOS, and Syllable. The player is very comprehensive in its features. All standard functions available in commercially sold players are found in this all-rounder for free.

The player makes a better impression not just visually now, but also some changes have been made below the attractive surface. If, for example, a video is too soft, the player allows you to artificially increase the volume to up to 200 percent. You can even search for album covers now or play films one after the other from the hard drive. But this is certainly not all this genius player can do. The available audio and video filters allow you to clearly improve any bad media. Even the audio track can be shifted by milliseconds, if the sound does not correspond to the image.

The VLC Player is not only multifaceted, but it is also easy to use. Using configurable hotkeys, every user can set up his or her player's functions so that working with the player becomes effortless. In the Hotkey Settings interface, you can assign an individual shortcut key to nearly every function. In the View menu, there is an option to set up your complete playlists. So, it is just perfect for media lovers.

Converting to other formats is also no problem for the VLC Player: To do this, the relevant basic parameters for the target format are established first. For this, open the original file and place a checkmark before Stream/Save, under the extended options. Then, click on Settings and place a checkmark under the option Stream output to a file, using the Search button create the target format name with the corresponding file extension for the desired type of file. Now, just click OK and the player will convert to the desired format.

There are hardly comparable player models on the market, either free or paid, and even if they exist, they have comparably much more limited streaming options. VLC Player installation is also no problem. After it is downloaded, it can be installed right away and with incredible ease. The program comes with preset installation configurations, which can be accepted as they are and the installation will proceed fully automatically.

Those who have this media player will certainly never want to go without it again, because this unique program makes media life as comfortable as possible, entirely free of charge. There are no ifs or buts with the VLC.de Media Player, it really belongs on every computer. Never experiencing the annoyance of missing codecs, as with many other players, can save you both time and energy.

The VLC Media Player is very user-friendly and does not use up as many system resources as other known media players. The program is very appealing visually and functionally, but it is also kept very simple and is limited to just the important things, therefore occupying few system resources. There is no point in looking for unnecessary frills in the VLC.de Media Player because everything is set up to be found quickly and leave nothing to be desired. There is no strain on the memory, so this media player is a highly recommended alternative for older and slower computers as well.

Why use other programs, when VLC.de Media Player can do it all? Those who are not totally pleased with the player's look can download other skins online, and this way, the VLC Player can be adapted to everyone's personal needs visually as well.

Origins of the VLC Media Player

The player was developed by students at a French engineering school, together with other developers from over 20 countries. Since 2001, anyone can distribute the VLC Player for free and even make improvements to the VLC.de Media Player. In the early days, this favorite player was distributed under the name VideoLAN Client, but now it is known by everyone as VLC.de Media Player. Since those early days, the player has been reworked very often, so the latest version offers even more than the previous versions, which were already very popular.

VLC (Visible Light Communication) )

This new light transmission technology is comparable with infrared data transmission. The visible light spectrum used for VLC is between 400 and 800 THz. LEDs are the primary photoelectric components used here. Fluorescent lamps could also be used for this purpose, but the transmission rate is then only about 10 KB - LEDs reach approx. 500 MB.


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