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- Various hand-picked program downloads

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In here you'll find a list of cherry picked applications

All software downloads offered here are and will remain free of charge.

Open Office Open Office
This free Open Office version offers text editing, spreadsheets and much more
PDF Drucker PDF-Printer
Install a PDF printer to create PDF files easily from all applications.
Iron Browser Iron Browser
A Google Chromium-based Internet browser. "Freed from" the Google branding and "data collection"
Songbird Songbird
A free music program to play music on your computer or online
Thunderbird Thunderbird
A complete e-mail program with an integrated SPAM filter that adapts automatically
Gimp Gimp
Graphics editing program for the creation of complex images. Adobe PSD files can also be professionally edited using this program
Notepad Plus Plus Notepad++
This text editor has tons of features and is still very easy to use. In it, you can automatically color the text for better overview, e.g. when programming in HTML
7-Zip 7-Zip
Creates ZIP files and can unzip them. Can be integrated in the context menu, offering perfect integration
Libre Office

Libre Office
The successor of OpenOffice - you will get text editing, spreadsheets, presentations and more for free

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